Welcome to the website of the Catholic Parish of St Columba and St Theresa, Chester

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The formal merging into one parish coincided with the move to other appointments of the Parish Priest Fr Jonathan Brandon and the Parochial Administrator Fr Isidore Madueke, and subsequently by the appointment by our Diocesan Bishop Mark Davies of Fr William Damah CSSp as Parish Priest and Fr James Mchamungu CSSp as Assistant Priest of the newly merged parish, with both priests residing at St Theresa’s presbytery.

Set out below are our usual Sunday Mass times at both churches – BUT please check our Latest Newsletter for any variations from the normal Mass times, and for information over the forthcoming week about services and activities at both churches throughout the week , and for making arrangements regarding Weddings and Baptisms.

Sunday Vigil Mass: At St Columba’s, 6.30pm each Saturday.

Sunday Mass: 9.30am at St Theresa’s, and 11.00am at St Columba’s.

The Joint Newsletter, along with the website, is the main source of information for services and activities in the churches, and the website holds an archive of newsletters (in convenient pdf format, and accessed via the menu bar). The archive goes back several years. The website was originally developed for St Columba’s, and it is acknowledged that, for the moment, it does not fully reflect the functioning of the newly merged parish. Its revision or replacement is currently under consideration.

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The Newsletter extracts below provide further information about the recent parish merger and clergy appointments.

  • WELCOMING OUR NEW CLERGY – Newsletter announcement 8-9-19

We welcome Fr William and Fr James this weekend.  We hope that they will be very happy here in the Parish of St. Columba & St Theresa.  God bless them in their work.

PARISH CLERGY CHANGES – Newsletter announcement 25-8-19:

Rev. Fr. William Damah CSSp is our new Parish Priest. Fr. William was born in 1957, a native of Ghana. He was ordained priest on the 1st July 1996 and his subsequent service includes – Parish Priest of St Francis Xavier, Yapei, Ghana 1998-2001, Regional Superior of his Order in Ghana 2001-04, Assistant Priest at St Mary & Peter, Westminster Diocese 2004-05 and Sacred Heart Southwark Diocese 2005-06, Parish Priest of St Chad’s Southwark Diocese 2006-16, and St Bernadette’s Motherwell Diocese 2016-19. Fr. William’s hobbies include Walking, Gardening and Volleyball.

Rev. Fr. James Mchamungu CSSp is to be Assistant Priest with Fr. William. He was born in 1975, a native of Tanzania. He was ordained priest in 2008 and his subsequent service includes Youth Ministry in Salford 2008-09 and in the Revive Project (supporting refugees and asylum seekers) 2009-11,  Assistant Parish Priest at St Anne’s & St Brigid, Salford Diocese 2010-13. In 2013-14 Fr. James served the Spiritan Community in Carfin and in 2014-15 he attained a Masters Degree in Business Administration. Since then Fr. James has been the Spiritans’ Provincial Bursar for UK, based in Hoole. Some of you will know him from his times supplying for Masses at St Columba’s.

Fr. William and Fr. James will take up residence in the Presbytery at St Theresa’s during the week commencing 1st September, to live ‘in community’ and serve the parish from there. They will celebrate their first parish Masses for Sunday 8th September. Let us give them the warmest of welcomes.


Bishop Mark has asked Fr. Jonathan and Fr. Isidore to move to new appointments. Fr. Jonathan is moving to be Parish Priest of St. Vincent’s, Altrincham and Fr. Isidore is moving to Shrewsbury Cathedral to assist with the pastoral care of the parishes connected with the Cathedral. Bishop Mark has asked the Congregation of the Holy Spirit (the Spiritans) to assume pastoral care of this parish of St. Columba and St. Theresa. The Spiritans have considerable experience running a number of parishes across the country including in London, Salford and Scotland. The Spiritans will nominate a priest for Bishop Mark to appoint as dedicated Parish Priest. This will be an experienced priest but not a member of the Spiritan  retirement community. He will live in the presbytery at St. Theresa’s with another Spiritan but will continue to serve both the churches of our one parish. These appointments take effect on 8th September 2019.

  • PARISH MERGER – Newsletter announcement 28-7-19:

When Fr. Jonathan was appointed Parish Priest three and a half years ago he was asked by the Bishop to bring together the two parishes of St. Columba and St. Theresa into one parish. In practical terms the parishes have operated as one parish for the last three years. I am pleased to say that Bishop Mark has now issued the decree merging the two parishes into the one parish of St. Columba and St. Theresa. This means that the parish is one not only in practical terms but also in Church law. The merger of our parish has also meant a change in the boundaries of all the parishes of Chester and the Bishop has issued a decree to this effect. Both the decrees are available for you to consult on the notice boards of both the churches and on our parish website.