Parish Priest: Fr Jonathan Brandon, 01244 624019 or 01244 400873

Parochial Administrator, St Theresa’s: Fr Isidore Madueke, 01244 371660

Permanent Deacon: Rev Lawrence Hordley, 01244 342048, mob 07960 517463

Parish Secretary, St Columba’s:  Carol Galvin, 01244 624019,

Parish Secretary, St Theresa’s: Eileen Irwin, 01244 371660,

Parish Safeguarding Rep: Claire Graham, 01244 341287 or 07880 553830

St Columba’s Parish Hall: Sue Carr. For enquiries and bookings please contact 0755 311 4531 or email


Pastoral Council meeting March 2016: l-r, Deacon Lawrence Hordley, David Savage, Fr Jonathan Brandon, Sue Carr, Bernard Payne, Paul Wrigglesworth, Pauline Rourke. Not pictured: Catherine Britton, Maria Heywood.

Pastoral Council: Chair, Paul Wrigglesworth 01244 382457

Choir Leader: Bill Baker 01244 376701. The Choir sings at 11.00am Mass on alternate Sundays, alternating with the Music Group.

Music Group Leader: Pauline Payne 01244 350323. The Music Group alternates with the Choir in singing at the 11.00am Sunday Mass.

Organists: Robert Green 01244 383836 and Joseph Chesshyre 07810 797046

Altar Servers: Richard Curtis 07787 782255

Baptisms: These are arranged by appointment with Fr Jonathan, 01244 624019 or 01244 400873. After speaking to Fr Jonathan to arrange a date, please contact Claire O’Donnell, 07743 704383 (text or phone). To arrange a Baptism at St Theresa’s, please contact Mike Maxwell, 07851 720217 (text or phone)..

Children’s Liturgy: Catherine Green 01244 383866. The children meet in the Hall for the first part of the 11.00 Sunday Mass.

Eucharistic Ministers, Readers and Bidding Prayers Authors:  Rota organiser Carol Galvin 01244 624019

Newsletter Co-ordinator & website contact: Bernard Payne, 01244 350323 or email:

Planned Giving and Gift Aid: David Savage, 01244 380626.

CWL: Elizabeth Wilson, 01244 346772

SVP: Mark Traynor,  07752 317772 or email

Primary School: St Werburgh and St Columba’s, Lightfoot St, Hoole, Chester CH2 3AD, 01244 981228.

High School: Chester Catholic High, Old Wrexham Road, Handbridge, Chester CH4 7HS, 01244  981600

Chester Hospital Chaplaincy: 01244 364543 (answer phone available)