Joint Newsletter 31st May 2020



Our churches remain closed for the time being – with government guidance indicating that places of worship may not be allowed to open before July.

A note on Pastoral Care in the Parish can be found on the parish website. This gives guidance on various aspects of parish life at this time when our churches are closed and sick visiting is severely restricted.

The Church Offices remain “open” for telephone and online contact.


Although public celebrations of Mass are suspended, Mass intentions will continue to be offered at private Masses celebrated daily by Fr. William or Fr. James. This week’s Intentions are listed below.

Saturday 30th May

St. Theresa’s     Judith Mary Whitlow RIP

St. Columba’s     Priest’s Intention

Sunday 31st May – Pentecost Sunday

St. Theresa’s     Parishioners’ Intentions

St. Columba’s     The Parish

Monday 1st June – Mary, Mother of The Church

St. Theresa’s     Breda Wright RIP

St. Columba’s     Clergy Secular Fund

Tuesday 2nd June – Ss Marcellinius & Peter, Mm

St. Theresa’s     Priest’s Intention

St. Columba’s     Deacon Brian McCarthy RIP

Wednesday 3rd June – St Charles Lwanga & Compans.

St. Theresa’s     Martin Cranny RIP

St. Columba’s     Priest’s Intention

Thursday 4th June – Our Lord Jesus Christ

St. Theresa’s     Lynn Taylor’s Intentions

St. Columba’s     Parishioners’ Intentions

Friday 5th June – St Boniface, B, M

St. Theresa’s     Priest’s Intention

St. Columba’s     Private Intention

Saturday 6th June

St. Theresa’s     Stephen Rayments’s Intentions

St. Columba’s     Priest’s Intention

Sunday 7th June

St. Theresa’s     Parishioners’ Intentions

St. Columba’s     The Parish


There is now a Streamed Service from our Iona Chapel, Chester, at 11.00am every Sunday. The service will be online and can be accessed via the link on the parish website Home page, or on Facebook via this link:

This is a new service which may require you to login to a Facebook account, and we are looking at ways to avoid this requirement. In the meantime, using Facebook, you have the opportunity to provide comments. Fr William and Fr James ask that comments are not made during the course of Mass – but they will be happy to receive them afterwards.

See below for links for viewing Masses live streamed elsewhere in the diocese and nationally.


The Prayer and Worship section of the Bulletins page on the parish website includes prayer suggestions and readings for Pentecost Sunday.


Please remember in your prayers, Patrick (Paddy) Scanlan, Mary Roberts, Ann Melia, Emma Noble and Denzel Gordon who died recently, and also their families. May the Lord grant them Eternal Life and console their family and friends.


William Ward McGlown, Arthur May, Angela Lennon, Linda Lumley, William Nash, Veronica Carr, James Edward Casman, Alba Martin, Bernard Joseph Wilkinson, Ernest Gordon George Kirk, Dorothy Davies, Catherine Ryan, Kathleen Nancy Wood, Patricia Gardner, William Arthur Evans, Gerald Joseph McEnery, Keith Moore, William Terence Edwards, Patrick Orrel-Boden, Ann Shanley, Jean Margaret Sweeney, Patrick Joseph Casey, Winifride McDonald, Margaret Lewis, Thomas James Croghan, Jennifer Pearl Byrne, Andrew McRoberts, Felix Wilkinson, Letitia Doran, Donal Murphy, Margaret Banks, Bill Sweeney, Nancy Joan Woods, Cornelius McNamara, Stan Benson, Edmund Rodgers, Hazel Marjorie Russell, Charles Traynor, Zygmunt Michalak, Thomas Moore, Joan Edwards, Stanley James Tilston, Nippy Coogan, Helen Maria Madden, Berti (Ian) McClellan, David Leslie Skinner, Stuart Joseph Bright, Maureen Birukowska


Now that the churches are closed, we cannot offer the Sacrament of Reconciliation, except in an emergency situation. In the parish our priests will respond to such emergency requests. In a hospital situation the Hospital Chaplaincy will respond, see contact details above.


During this time no Weddings or Baptisms can be arranged.


Until further notice no funeral services can be arranged in our churches, but services can be organised at crematorium or graveside, by arrangement with Funeral Directors and Fr. William. Mass will be offered privately for the deceased with hopefully the opportunity of a Memorial Mass at a later date.


This week we pray for:

· The residents of Brisbane Road, Darwin Road, Chevron Hey, Chevron Close, Plas Newton Lane, Wealstone Court, and Surrey Road.

· For the Deanery Synod Representatives.

· For all our joint services in our Churches, Schools, and in the Cathedral.


During the Coronavirus shutdown our weekly newsletter isn’t printed. However, it is still possible to view the Sunday Readings and articles normally found in the printed version of the Sunday Messageand also the Children’s Liturgy “Look” leaflet. These can be seen each week on the parish website. The leaflets are made available courtesy of Redemptorist Publications.

If you, or anyone you know, would like to receive the newsletter via email during this time, please email the Parish Office.


The running expenses of the churches will continue during the coming months so it will be very helpful if those of you who can continue with your regular donations do so; whether you normally give through the plate or use envelopes you could set your weekly offering aside to be brought to church when normal service is resumed. If you would prefer to make a donation by standing order please contact the Gift Aid Coordinators:

Jan Roberts: 07952 463146, jan64roberts John Steele 01244 552129,

· Given the ongoing lockdown, a system for ONLINE GIVING has been arranged in association with the Diocese. You can access this via a new page on the parish website. Donations made this way are received by the Diocese, but are credited to the parish account. Your support will be very greatly appreciated.


“Somebody is always doing what somebody else said couldn’t be done.”


The Catholic Bishops Conference has set up a directory of streamed services, where you can search by postcode, Diocese, Mass type and language (e.g. Polish, Italian, Latin, Sign, Portuguese, Malayalam):

Live streaming for Diocese of Shrewsbury can be found at

Two parishes in our diocese may be of special interest as their parish priests served in Chester:

St Anthony’s Wythenshawe where Fr. Nick Kern previously served at St. Clare’s from 2000 to 2006. Mass every day at 10.00 a.m.

St Peter’s Hazel Grove where Fr. Peter Sharrocks was at St Werburgh’s from 1992 to 2006. Masses at 12 noon on weekdays and 10.00 a.m. on Sundays.

· If you don’t have access to a smartphone or the internet then Radio 1 RTE every Sunday at 11 am broadcast a Sunday Service (longwave 252KHz). We have also been told of a telephone Mass recording, set up in the Middlesbrough Diocese. Tel 01642 130120. Call charges will apply. There is no special access code required. The Service is we believe available throughout the week.

· Copies of a no Mass prayers booklet are also available, if you would like a copy or you know of someone who doesn’t have electronic access to these documents, please get in touch with the Church Office and copies will be made available, (or if you can, download and pass on).

Lockdown Resources –ever thought that you fancy learning a bit more about a subject, or wanting a change in career or just want to keep your brain active, check out the Open University free resources, nearly 1000 courses covering 8 different subject areas. From 1 hour to 100 hours. There is something for everyone. There is no minimum age, but if you want to create an account with them, then you need to be 13+

Prayer resources -This Jesuit site has a number of different activities during this Covid 19 time. Prayers, hubs, zoom prayer groups, retreats and more. Take a look. We haven’t reviewed all the resources, but there is plenty to choose from. If you do use the resources and you are able to, a donation would be welcomed by the Order. If you need to know how to use zoom check out the AgeUk website. Zoom also provide support on how to join a meeting. Other websites will be available!

Activities for children for Pentecost we have made available a number of print and colour templates for Pentecost including Gifts of the Spirit. These have been prepared and made available to us by Emma Major.

Pentecost sing along We have also provided a link from the Bishops Conference to a Gospel choir. They are singing ‘Rise Within Us – The Coming Of The Spirit’ it is an uplifting song for Pentecost performed by the Soul Sanctuary Gospel Choir. It’s a ‘Sung Scripture’; the lyric sheet is also available if you want to have a sing along.

Budding Artists of all Ages – please send in your black and white designs for a printable card which can be used by anyone, it might contain a prayer, pictures. Keep it simple and then others can print, fold and colour and send on to loved ones, neighbours. Send them in to Anthony at

Children’s colourful pictures also still required for the website.

We’re all in this together – As the Chinese proverb says “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Maybe this is us coming out of lock down, little by little, small step, after small step. Possibly hesitant at first, but regaining our confidence. The streaming of our services from our Iona Chapel and the heartfelt words of thanks for those who were able to view, helping on that pathway to the reopening of our churches at sometime in the future. We know that life will be different, but different isn’t always bad.


Emergency Appeal: CAFOD has launched a Coronavirus Emergency Appeal. The effects of coronavirus on developing countries are likely to be devastating. Families without enough to eat and without access to clean water and healthcare are particularly vulnerable. The poorest and most marginalised communities will be pushed further into poverty. Your prayers and gifts are needed now more than ever to help protect the lives of those in poor communities. Whilst we are not able to hold physical collections in our church, you can donate as individuals at

Petition signing:

Out of love for our brothers and sisters overseas, sign CAFOD’s petition to the UK government, asking them to ensure that the most vulnerable and marginalised people are the priority in the UK’s international efforts as well as at home. Visit to add your name.


Richard Curtis has signed up to do The Team CAFOD Virtual Challenge and run 10K and has pledged to help raise £250.00 for CAFOD. Richard’s company works with charities and with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, charities including CAFOD, will have a massive shortfall in funding and donations. Without emergency funding, some of these charities will disappear.

If you have a spare few pounds, please sponsor him by going to the link below, but if you can’t, don’t worry about it – as we all have a lot going on at the moment.


With the church remaining closed there is no Foodbank collection point here until further notice. Donations of food are urgently needed and can be dropped off in main Tesco stores and other large supermarkets. Please go to the West Cheshire Foodbank website for further updates on local collection points. Food urgently required is Cup-a-soup, Tinned meat meals, Tinned cooked meats, UHT juice, Instant custard, Tinned potatoes, Instant Mash. Please continue with your usual generous donations as best you can during this crisis.

· Financial contributions are also gratefully received at this time, via their website


Bulletin for Pentecost Sunday:

This can be accessed via the website Bulletins page or via this link:

Sunday Message:

Accessed via the website Newsletter page or via this link:

Children’s Liturgy “Look” sheet:

Accessed via the website Newsletter page or via this link:


This will be compiled by Eileen Irwin

Tel 01244 371660 Email:

Please include a phone number in case of queries.


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